Today was a long but good day.  I just have to say to start off… flying on a private 9 seat jet is one of the coolest flying experiences I have ever had.  Yup, that’s right… private jet.  We were able to score this sweat deal through a family member of someone of our team… and man was it a sweet deal.  The internet is down so I will post video of it and all kinds of other stuff  tomorrow.  Michael is going to get it up and running in the morning.

So the flight was effortless.  No stressful checking in, paperwork, people breathing on you for hours, etc etc.  We landed three hours later and were to go as soon as they checked our passports.  Then we commenced the waiting for the rest of our team.  Nathan and Allen flew in from College Station and where going to meet us at the main station.  We stood there for 2 hours… and not team members.  We tried to ask if they landed… sorry no.  What about making and anouncement… no.  What about going in and looking for them… no.  So realizing we couldn’t do anything and they didn’t seem to be there… we decided to head to the orphanage, drop stuff off and come back later.  We headed to the orphanage.  Got there, ate, and dropped off our stuff.  We headed back about an hour later hoping that they would be there.  Sure enough, they were.  They had been waiting about 50 feet from us on the other side of the glass the entire time, even while we were standing outside waiting for them for 2 hours.  Feeling relief and loading them into the van we headed back to the orphanage, dropped off thier stuff, and headed back out to go to Walmart to get food and exchange money.  By the time we where done with all of that, it was dark outside.  We headed back, fixed food, and now I am here typing it to you.

Hopefully this was not too condensed.  I will post videos tomorrow hopefully.

All this to say… we made it, we are safe, and it is all good.  Thanks for you prayers.  We head to church tomorrow and then we get to hang out with the kids.  It will be good.  I don’t speak a lick of spanish… so we will see how all of that goes.

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