Our Photography is Our Art

For sometime now we (Kristi & I) have realized that photography is our art.  Now I know this may seem simple. Of course our photography is art, but I think that we are in such a media rich society that in our minds we have put photography as less of an art form.  Gone are the days where it was hard to take a photograph and develop it.  Now, with the push of a button and the wave of a mouse, you can have insta-art… and for the most part that is what people feel about it… including ourselves sometimes.

bridal in san antonio nature BUT… we have to keep pushing ourselves to make art.  We have to create a body of work that inspires and moves someone.  We strive to make something more that a pretty picture… something that will last for generations to come.  This takes careful planning, knowing where the perfect light is, visualizing the work, working hard to get the shot, and having fun while we do it.  This is what we do…. and that is why it is our art.

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