You would think that since we are in the photography industry, that we would have a lot of family portraits. But actually the opposite is the case. We get so busy photographing everyone else, we forget to schedule our own photo shoots!

family photographer san antonio

Thanks so much to Dan’s brother, Brian, for taking our picture, even in the 100 degree San Antonio summer heat. I just love these images for the gorgeous greens and because I know down the road I will look back and be reminded of this wonderful time with my amazing husband and my two sweet boys.

It’s amazing to think that this picture was taken just minutes from our house in the middle of giant San Antonio.  Dan has a knack for spotting the most beautiful spots in places I would just overlook. He took us to a little nook close to our house at the perfect time of day when the light was streaming through the trees.  We had to keep it super short due to the heat and mosquitoes, but we still have some sweet images to cherish.  I love them so much I’m already looking forward to our next family photo shoot!

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