Mary + Stephen’s Wedding

Another amazing wedding with Weddings by Diana Boucher… and I have to say that man this one was eventful.  With it raining off and on all day, the night ended with the power going out and tornado warnings in downtown San Antonio.  The couple and their guests even ended up singing karaoke to a laptop to wait out the storm… which didn’t stop.  The final bubble shot is probably one of the best bubble shots I have done so far, because there was no wind to blown them around!  They just floated there in the room as the couple left.  Over all it was an amazing day.  Congrats to Mary & Stephen on your marriage!  Thank you to an amazing team put together to make this crazy night go so smoothly including Pearl Stables, 5150 Productions, and Cakes by Cathy Young.











































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  1. Dan, this one was truly an epic night. One of the sweetest couples ever and tornado warnings! All I can say is thank God we began at 2:30 p.m. and the reception was nearing its conclusion when the power went out. For good! Phil Chancellor having a fully charged MAC with karaoke was just too good to believe. Mary and Stephen will have stories to tell forever!


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