The Mission

Passport… check.  Shots to the point where I am a human pin cushion… check.  Prayer and support letter… check.  Funding to go…. CHECK!

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As most of you know, I have been working as a photographer/ web designer for the past 6 years.  It has been a blast, but my heart has been yearning to use these skills for Him.  Well, it has finally happened.  The Lord has opened up an opportunity for me to put my abilities to good use.  I will be going down to Guatemala City, Guatemala at the end of April to minister to an orphanage called Fundaniños.  This orphanage is home to around 65 children.  They minister to unwed pregnant women by giving them a place to stay during their pregnancy, while they consider what to do with their children.  They try to encourage these women that there are other options other than abortion.

What will we be doing there?  I am glad you asked. 🙂  The main project will be to develop a website to promote their ministry.  Our prayer is that this website will link the orphanage to people who would like to give support through funding, time, resources, and prayer.  Hopefully we will be able to set up a direct sponsorship program for Fundaniños, a model a lot like what Compassion uses.  It really depends on what the staff says they need and how it will best minister to them though.   In addition to gathering photographs and information for this website, we will be helping around the orphanage to give the full time workers a break.  Most of them only get about 4 days off a month.  We would like to ease their work so they can get some much needed rest.

The great thing is that today I am officially fully funded!  A multitude of wonderful people are joining together with me in prayer and support to make this happen.   I am super excited about seeing what the Lord is going to do.

What to Pray for

1.) Michael (another on the team) and myself are currently looking into/building a CMS (content management system) to be able to provide a structure for child profiles and an adopt-a-child program if that is what Fundaniños wants to do.  Pray that the Lord will lead this process, as there is a lot of little things here and there that need  to be taken into consideration.  That way we can ensure the safety of the children and the orphanage.

2.) Pray for everyone else as they embark on this process of funding and shot and passports as well.

3.) Pray for the orphanage.  Pray that the Lord will use us in a mighty way to minister to the staff and kids.  To love them and partner alongside them in helping these kids.

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