I had a shaking realization today that there is no guarantee of each day… today could be my last for all I know. Does anyone else ever have that thought? I have these types of thoughts all the time. Dan gave me a strange look the day I blurted out to him “isn’t it crazy that I’m me and you are you?! I mean, you’re who is in that body and I’m in here?” Haha! I know, it’s stating the obvious, but if you really stop and think about it, its pretty amazing!

Back to today. The past couple of days I started to feel sorry for myself. Eric has been so mellow up until he hit 2 and though, he’s still such a sweetheart, he has definitely started to argue and throw some fits. Whew! And when you’re exhausted already from getting up with the baby, this is extra tough!

Motherhood has been the toughest job I’ve ever had. Harder I would say than college, or even my job as an art teacher teaching 500 students a week. There’s just always more to do as a Mom, and very few “days off”. But after this realization hit me, that today could be my last to spend with these guys, all the exhaustion faded away and I realized that I have to look at all that I have and remember to be thankful. The laughter, sweet moments, smiles, and kisses sure outweigh the exhaustion. I would not exchange a million full nights of sleep or days of leisurely doing whatever I would like, for these moments with my husband and my little guys.


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