We woke up pretty early yesterday morning (about 5am) to head to the Trash Dump School in Gautemala City.  The team had prepared sandwiches, cakes, and juice boxes to give to the kids and we were on our way.  We went through several towns that morning, all covered in fog and scattered with locals heading to thier designated locations.  Covered with hills, the guys riding their bikes were barely down at full speed.  “Those guys are legit!”  Well, I think it was the third guy, we came around a turn and he was ahead of us flying down this hill and at the bottom of it was a chicken bus.  The chicken bus was stretched across the entire road because it was trying to make a hard left turn.  Someone said, “Look a this guy! He better stop of he is going to crash into the chicken bus.  That would not be good.”  Everyone laughed and then all of a sudden we realized that our brakes went out.  Just that fast we were slamming into the front tire of the chicken bus at 30 mph.  I was just behind the front seat and I saw the van hit the front tire and then all of a sudden I was flying with my face into the front seat of the van.  Everyone ended up flying into the seats in front of them, as the van did not have any seat belts.  Me and Michael got the brunt of it since instead of hitting the people in front of us we hit the protruding floor and the drivers and passengers seat.  Michael was somehow designated cake holder, so when we hit that thing went flying everywhere.  It looked like someone put an m80 in it because it exploded.

Everyone for the most part was fine.  I have a giant carpet burn on the side of my face, a hurt knee, and major shin damage.  Michael’s glasses cut his eyebrow and he also got some rug burn on his forhead.  Nathan got a big gash on his leg.  So we waited around for about two hours for the insurance agent to come, the agreements to be made, and all of that.  The military came and stood around to protect the gringos.  From there some of us went to the police stations so that paperwork could be filled out, while the three injured guys went to the hospital. The hospital was nice.  It was a private hospital so we were seen immediately and the facilities where clean and everything.

When the first team got back (they got back before us) everyone from the orphanage was standing outside waiting for them welcoming them.  So where crying and it was super sweet.  From there the orphanage bought us Pollo Campero (which was also sweet of them).  It is the Guatemalan version of KFC.

That night the team treated the kids to fajitas and cake and ice cream.  Then the kids put on a show for everyone to show thier appreciation for what we did for them.  All in all it was a very eventful day.  Definitely one that is going to go into the memory books.   Praise God that no one was seriously injured and that everything went smoothly.

Today we head to Antigua and a coffee plantation.  Hopefully I will get to take a couple good shots of some Mayans.  Pictures from the trip so far will be uploaded later.

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