I have really thought about it over the years and I would say that the most important thing to getting amazing pictures is connecting with your client.  That was pretty tough for me when I first started out in photography because although I had good interpersonal skills, I stunk at talking and taking pictures at the same time.  I was so busy thinking about what I was shooting that I missed the most important part… making the person smile.  🙂

Once my photography skills were good enough to start talking to people, I realized that I still needed to do something more than just make them smile.  Smiling without a connection makes for mediocre pictures.  So I set out to see how to connect to people on a personal level and this is where I found How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less. It is written by Nicholas Boothman, a photographer who went into studying neurolinguistic programming to figure out how people connect to each other.  He explains why it is that you can meet someone and feel like you have known them your entire life.  This is an awesome read that I highly recommend.  I really think it is essential for anyone in business.

Just remember this the next time you go to photograph someone… Make them comfortable and you will get good pictures.  Connect with them and they will shine for you.

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