Chris & Julianna

I have really enjoyed working with Chris & Julianna these past couple weeks.  The first engagement photoshoot didn’t really go as expected because Chris’ car got a flat tire on the way to the location.  So I ended up finding them on the highway, helped Chris’s dad change the tire, followed them to the tire place on their little spare, and got the tire replaced.  This was pretty much the entire time we had set aside for the photoshoot and the sun was on the horizon by the time we were done.  Looking across the parking lot I saw a open lot, so that it where we took our shots.  They turned out pretty good.

Although it probably wasn’t fun for them, I kinda enjoyed it.  There is nothing like changing a tire on the highway, with cars driving past within 2 feet of  your head because they won’t scoot over a lane to pass you.  Gets the blood pumping.  🙂

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