Birth Story of Joshua Daniel

We’d like to give a big thanks to the San Antonio Birth Center for all of their help! Especially to Joani, Alisa, and Miren. You guys do an amazing job of helping little ones into this world!! They even took the shots of Dan helping me during labor. I’d have to say that having a natural birth at a birthing center was luxurious compared to going naturally at a hospital. Night and day better!

Our little Joshua Daniel is such a joy! He’s very good natured and fits right into the family. Eric is taken with him and can’t wait till baby brother can play with him! We are so thankful.

Dan told this story and the first 5 times I saw it I bawled.



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  1. This is soo gorgeous you guys! Jacob and I sat together and watched it and it was just wonderful! I’m so so happy for you. That birthing center looks AMAZING!!! So… are they going to build one like that in Lubbock???? How much of a difference did it make?

    So happy for you guys,
    Much love-Reeds

    • Thanks Georgia!! 🙂 It was soooo awesome! I totally wish they had one in Lubbock because it was incredible! The staff was so supportive and warm, the facilities are beautiful, and they let you eat! Eating is awesome…haha! No starving for 24 hours like at a hospital! I think you should petition for one up there. 🙂

      Miss you guys!

  2. Joshua is now 16 months old and I decided to watch this. I loved it all over again. I still see Eric being delighted with his little brother! Finally his play mate is growing up to play with him, but he also has a little mind of his own! He lets his brother know that he doesn’t like it when he takes something he was looking at! He also wants to do everything his big brother does!

    Joshua is still a beautiful, miracle of God, who I can’t help marveling over every time I am with him. We usually don’t use the word beautiful when talking about guys, but it so fits that he is absolutely beautiful just as he is and he doesn’t have to change one bit to be loved!! Being loved is not about what he does because he is loved for who he is!!


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