me-kDan: Most people who meet and know Dan would say that he is “unique”. We like to use the term “creative genius” instead. 🙂 He always has a new idea, a crazy scheme, and a twinkle in his eye. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get people comfortable, smiling, and having fun, Dan strives to capture something that shows people for who they really are… not just a smiling face.

Kristi: Dan lovingly refers to me as “the brains”. I like to see the details on paper and to plan everything out… and I mean everything.  I handle most of the planning, communications, setups, and overall cracking of the whip for my wonderful free-spirited husband.

We balance each other out like two peas in a pod and we love it! Where Dan lacks I excel, and vise versa. We love working together and we would love to work with you.




me-k2Our romance started years ago in high school. I (Kristi), being the practical one, had decided I wasn’t going to date my last year of high school since I was going off to college. But it all changed one fall morning when I went out to my car after school and found that it wouldn’t start. I called my Dad and he said he’d come in about 45 minutes. So I sat down on the floor of the lobby and started reading a book for English class. I know, very nerdy! Who reads in high school, right? Let alone in public!

Dan was waiting for a ride as well and saw me sitting there. After passing by several times, he got up the nerve to say “hey… can I sit down”? I smiled and said “sure”. At the end of the conversation, I thought “what a nice (and very handsome) guy!” and Dan thought “I’m going to marry that girl”! He only had one problem… I wasn’t going to date! It took months of pursuing me before I finally said yes to going to a dance. But after that I fell fast for him and I am still in love with him all these years later. Our road has definitely not been easy, but I’m so thankful to walk it with my sweetheart.