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We are wedding photographers in San Antonio, Texas and we love to tell couple’s stories through artistic candid wedding photography. With a mix of photo-journalistic and traditional styles, we strive to capture your story as it really happens, helping everyone to see and feel what took place on your wedding day.  We love to capture people as they really are and to build lasting real relationships with our photography clients.

We know exactly how to make everyone comfortable before the wedding day, so that when your big day is taking place we are celebrating with you!  Please let us know how we can help you.


  We love the simple candid moments that are not posed. There is something special about seeing the final image and instantly being transported to that moment in time, it’s real and in the long run it will mean more.

 We enjoy photographing portraits in an environment that is meaningful to my clients. We want them to look back and say “That house was so…” or “That park was our favorite place to go as a family…”. A studio setup is perfect when a client wants a beauty shot or a business portrait, but there is nothing more nostalgic than photographing in place filled with rich meaning to the client. These family photographs are timeless and capture stories that can be shared for generation after generation. We can’t tell you how many times we have talked with people, and they tell us about their loved one and what they loved to do, and they they say they never got a picture of them doing what they loved, their essence. That is the beauty of it, we can capture our history in photograph form. What a beautiful time we live in.

 Our engagement portrait sessions give us a chance to get to know the bride and groom in the very beginning. I love to learn about each couple and capture their distinct personalities and interests. I love that engagement portraits are done before the busyness of the weddings details. This session is a special time to capture the couples sweet interactions or silly moments in a relax, fun way. Plus, the photos can be used to send out a unique “save the date” card to friends and family.

I make it my goal to capture story of the wedding day. I love to capture the details, the emotions, the special moments, and large open shots of the setting. I offer unlimited coverage with all of my wedding packages because I don’t believe in staging pictures, in rushing the bride and groom, or in adding unneeded stress to a special day.



There are so many photographers out there it was overwhelming when we started looking for one for our wedding. We loved Daniel Holman Photography’s work right away when we found them and once talking to Kristi on the phone I could see what a sweet couple they are and we knew immediately we wanted to use them! Kristi explained their methods and the reason they run their business they way they do. That really rung true to me personally because I loved that they put so much thought into the whole process because they may shoot 100’s of weddings a year but this is MY wedding and I am so glad they care to make it the best.!
Daniel Holman Photography has been one of the best experiences my fiancé and I have had in our wedding planning experience. For our engagement picture session, Daniel and his wife Kristi took time to get to know us, to make sure our photography session fit our relationship! In fact, Dan & Kristi spent 3 hours viewing our save the date photos with us to ensure the PERFECT one was chosen for the save the date cards that are included in the photography package that they offer!!
My wife and I had so much fun with Dan and Christy! I didn’t feel like they were our photographers, I felt like they were two great friends who we invited to our wedding! They are amazing at what they do and they give you great care and attention. Their work is great and there’s not a single photograph I didn’t like. I would highly recommend Dan and Christy for your wedding experience!


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